Frieda Pinto is a Real Chapati. 2009, color, stereo, 00:02:05 Fans of the blockbuster hit, Slumdog Millionaire, attempt to give some sort of synopsis to the film. Breezing over topics such as religious riots and language barriers all the while remaining focused on why exactly this film was so successful.

On Tragedy (Did you hear the one about the Indian?)
The Importance of Being Earnest
Frieda Pinto is a Real Chapati.
Bruce. (For Sue.)
The Joke
Gonna Make You Sweat
The Party
Like You
Game On.
Wet Girl
Passing out in D minor | Fantasia collapses in the middle of the afternoon | She decides to stop upon closer inspection 3/3
Left Hand
The Yogi
The Taxi Driver
Mother Daughter: Together but Separate
Not in here.